Benefits of Carpet Stair Treads

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Protection for Your Hardwood Stairs

Your stairs are not like any other part your home that requires a floor covering. They are a key weight-bearing structure in your home that can be expensive to repair or replace if you leave them open to heavy traffic. Carpet Stair Treads can protect newly polished oak or maple hardwood and prevent scratches and stains that might cause unsightly damage to your floor. Because hardwood can become worn and scratched over time, the addition of a stair runner will help reduce the frequency of refinishing your hardwood stairs. They are a great way to protect against wear caused by shoes, boots, or even your pets’ claws.



Added Style

Carpet Stair Treads also have the added benefit of adding style and texture to your stairs’ existing surface. While it’s difficult and costly to update the stain or finish on your hardwood stair treads, carpet stair treads can be switched out to maintain the desired design.  Unify the look and feel of your home by continuing patterns and colors from the great room up the stairs and into your bedrooms. You can opt for something simple by using the same carpet up the stairs or choose something more elegant with a patterned runner for an elevated look.


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Carpet stair treads also help keep your stairs safe and reduce the risk of slips and injury. If you have young children or elders in your home, their feet are less likely to slip on a carpeted stair tread. The additional padding underneath can help cushion any falls and provide your feet and joints with additional support and comfort.